Posipa Bill and Order Management System is a web-based application. It works 7/24 without interruption on all platforms online. You can use it by using the web browser of any device or by downloading and installing the appropriate one from the following applications.


Windows Bill and Pos Desktop Application

With your Windows systems; You can download our bill and pos system that you can use on your desktop, laptop or ultrabook devices from the link below. After completing the installation, you can log in to your business account and carry out all your operations.

Free Download!

Android Bill and Pos Mobile Application

By downloading our mobile bill and pos application for mobile phones and tablets with Android operating system, you can carry out all the operations of your businesses such as cafes and restaurants..

Free Download!


Ios Pos Mobile Application

It is currently under development. It will be published as soon as possible.

Android Bill and Pos Mobile Application

You can use our bill and pos system anywhere on the web with any device, regardless of any platform. All you have to do is go to the Posipa Terminal and log in using your login information!

Go To Terminal!

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