All In One Online Pos Solutions

All In One Online Pos Solutions!

With the new generation cafe and restaurant pos system, business management so easy now! With many applications such as bill system, delivery ordering system, QR code menu, social menu for social networks, safe application, kitchen screen, stock tracking application, report management center, etc. can use all in one solution.

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Switch to the next generation online pos system!

Forget about offline old pos systems to take full advantage of the digital world! Switch to our all-in-one online pos system with the best price guarantee right now!

Thanks to our system, you will not have many applications. Bill system, delivery order system, qr code menu, social menu for social networks, safe application, kitchen screen, stock tracking application, report management center in your business, Yemeksepeti, Instagram all in one application! You can also easily get online delivery orders from applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Moreover, you do not deal with message boxes. All orders fall on the kitchen screen in your pos system!

With the feature of unlimited connection from anywhere without device limitation, all operations in your business are carried out completely. While your waiters send the orders to the kitchen screen, you can see all the movements instantly. Moreover, without any space limitation, you can make all these tracking effortlessly even if you are out of business online.

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Which Places to Use?

POS for Cafes and FastFood Businesses
POS for Cafes and FastFood Businesses
For those who need a pos system to keep up with the speed of the cafe and fastfood sector.
POS For Bakeries
POS For Bakeries
To meet the online needs of the places where stock tracking is important.
POS for Hotels and Canteens
POS for Hotels and Canteens
To meet the pos needs of the restaurants of hotels and canteens of schools / dormitories..
POS for Barbeque and Restaurants
POS for Barbeque and Restaurants
For those who want to find solutions for all needs such as stock tracking, personnel performance in restaurant sector.
POS for Small Food and Drink Places
POS for Small Food and Drink Places
For meeting the daily needs of businesses with small menus and a few tables.
POS for delivery order locations
POS for delivery order locations
For those who want fast and uninterrupted operation of all operations in places where delivery order services are high..

Do not Pay Extra Fee to the QR Code Menu!

One of the most important needs of the restaurants is the QR Code (QR) or also the digital menu. However, the most disadvantage of most QR Code (QR) menus: it makes it imperative to follow the different screen. In other words, the personnel following the order must control the order screens of the pos system used in the enterprise and the QR code menu separately.

One of the biggest advantages of the Posipa 2D Code (QR) digital menu does not force you to watch a second screen. No matter where the order comes from, all orders are displayed on the kitchen screen of your pos system. Thus, your workload is reduced and you can easily manage all your orders.

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Why More Advantageous?

No more device costs
No more device costs!
Posipa does not require high cost kiosks and similar products that other pos systems need. You can find solutions for all your system needs with a phone, tablet or laptop.
No Fee for Each Application
No Fee for Each Application!
Posipa does not offer every application separately as in other pos systems. You can use every application such as bill system, cash register, inventory tracking, delivery order system, reporting in one package at the same time.
You Don't Pay For Each Device
You Don't Pay For Each Device!
With Posipa, you don't pay for every device like any other pos system. It does not charge additional fees beyond the user limits defined in your package..
Business Intelligence and High Security
Business Intelligence and High Security!
Posipa brings the user experience to the forefront and always takes you one step forward with its business intelligence system that is not available in other pos systems. Unlike other systems, it maximizes your information security and eliminates potential damages.

Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp Delivery Orders In Social Menu!

Stop following your message boxes! Thanks to the Posipa Social Menu, it is now very easy to take orders via Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Moreover, all orders fall on your kitchen screen. Don't waste your time for each application!

No matter what application this service is offered to you by Posipa for free, let's integrate your digital menu to all your social media accounts. Thus, you can make your customer records automatically and do not have to follow different screens and message boxes!

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Manage Online With All Devices!

Posipa Cafe and Restaurant Management System (POS) whether on a tablet, a phone, or a laptop; in short, you can use freely in any environment where the internet. Posipa does not impose a device limitation on you. No extra device costs required.

Posipa POS system works on all devices (Android, iOS, Windows) with the application or directly through the web browser. It does not work offline on a local network connection like other POS systems. All you need for our POS system is just a device and an internet connection..

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